What can you eat in space? Image Credit: Gulf News Archives


  • Readers have shared their views on current events taking place around the world.
  • The main piece is about space inventions that have contributed to life on Earth. There are two other pieces included in the copy. 
  • A reader shares her experience of eating because you love to - without looking an society's expectations.
  • Another reader remembers the inauguration of the Dubai Metro, which turns 10 this year. 

Space explorations look pointless, but are not

Esmail Mohammad, Gulf News reader

The space expedition programs that the US, China, Japan, UK and India have been actively pursuing their expeditions in the past decades. They are primarily about the curious attempts at untangling the mysteries of our planetary system and possibly expanding our knowledge of the universe.

Out of all the major players engaged in space explorations including the moon landing mission, India probably owns a unique position because of its low cost research and launch executions, despite criticism received for spending too much on a seemingly worthless scientific project, in comparison to other needs.

At a glance, such criticisms might sound most rational. Scepticism about the benefits of space expedition programs and cynicism about the veracity of man missions on the moon have resulted in conspiracy theories being churned out by groups who perpetually oppose scientific achievements.

What can you eat in space? Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Setting aside the disappointment that many critics perpetually raise against space exploration initiatives citing lack of any immediate benefits to humans, there are indeed instances of collateral benefits that we all tend to take for granted.

For example the freeze dried food that we are familiar with today is a spin-off benefit from what had been initially developed for the use of astronauts who travelled to the moon. The week long expedition required that astronauts to carry as little payload as possible and raw foods were not an option since they added too much weight. In addition to that, it posed the possibility of getting spoilt. The technology developed to freeze dry the food for the consumption of astronauts later transitioned with some modifications into the use of daily lives of the masses. We should thank Nasa for introducing the new way to preserve food.

Another invention is the development of liquid cooling and ventilation garments designed and developed for astronauts who needed to be protected from extreme radiation and temperature variations.

Today, patients with multiple sclerosis take the benefits of this suits that help them get relief from symptoms that could be exacerbated from heat. Also, the fireproof technology developed specifically for the moon missions have seen their commercial productions later on and being used for the construction of buildings and other vehicles. Spring tyres and the later developments of digital technology among other things immensely owe to the moon and space expedition initiated by Nasa.

Even battles and wars have contributed to many inventions that we enjoy today. So critics of space programs should start looking at the broader picture and appreciate the efforts of the scientists out there who deliver with ground breaking inventions.

- The reader is a resident of Dubai.

Eat because it makes you happy

By Rea Marwaha, Gulf News reader

Struggling with disordered thoughts is like following into a bottomless pit with several horrors that are agonisingly, yet intricately, woven deep down. However, there always is a path to recovery, and sometimes it can be quite unexpected. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to wake up one day and simply demand back the control of oneself, to take a stand and say: ‘Hey, I love and accept me for all that I am. I am a good human being and my self-worth is not up for discussion.’

Amidst social media and its unthinkable standards and norms, it can actually be remarkably liberating to free oneself of restrictions and live life to the fullest. Although it may seem challenging at first, intuitive and soulful eating restores an exquisite feeling of self-acceptance and esteem. Instead of quantifying one’s value in kilograms or number of followers, we begin to realise the abundant energy that stems from our very being, the kind of energy that is simply too vast to be measured.

Image Credit: Pexels

I’m here to tell you, it is possible to succeed and it is possible to tune out those scornful voices and focus on the one that soothingly encourages you and lovingly guides you to become a better version of yourself. Because that right there is the self-love that you have yearned for. It is the true ethos of power and potential.

It’s up to you to decide how you want to live your life. It is up to you to decide if you want to look back at your life and utter the words “Oh, I wish I had” or “I’m glad that I did”.

- The reader is a Dubai-based student.

Dubai Metro: A milestone for the UAE

By Prashant Bhurke, Gulf News reader 

On January 2008 the first thing I noticed when I came to Dubai from Canada, was the massive construction activity going on for what was going to be the ‘Dubai Metro’. The Metro line was going to connect different parts of the city together.

I was excited to look at the work in progress. After that, the next one and half year I was experiencing and witnessing this Metro construction all around Dubai, wherever I went.

I have seen a massive hole made for the Burjuman Metro station. I have seen the pedestrian crossing alongside Shaikh Zayed Road, and I have seen massive machinery lifting concrete. And then the first look of the Metro test-drive was good to witness. The first sight of the Dubai Metro I saw was while driving near Ibn Battuta Mall. It was exciting. I was looking forward to taking a ride in the Metro.

Dubai Metro
Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

I have been in the Toronto Metro in Canada and the New York Subway, but the ‘Dubai Metro’ experience was going to be a unique one because I had witnessed the making of it. I felt like I was a part of the process.

When it was announced that the Metro would begin in Dubai on September 9, 2009, it was a historical achievement. That day, I bought a parking ticket so that I could remember the moment as it was a historical time.

Parking ticket
Reader bought a parking ticket on the day the Dubai Metro was launched. Image Credit: Supplied/ Prashant B.

Then, the moment of truth came. On the day of its inauguration, my friends and I went to the new Burjuman station to take a ride on the train. Everybody was awestruck by the amazing interior work of this station. It was really hard to get a ticket because of the massive rush that had gathered, who, like us, wanted to be a part of history. We loved the experience of riding in the train. We went from Burjuman station to the Mall of the Emirates Station. Everyone in the crowd was excited. I will cherish that experience and remember that historical moment. This year, the Metro will be celebrating its 10th anniversary. Congratulations!

- The reader is a sales engineer based in Dubai.