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Sparta, a six-month-old puppy that was rescued about a week ago, is in terrible shape and in need of a complicated surgery. The small and skinny puppy was found disoriented along Al Khail Road.

The puppy was taken to Modern Veterinary Clinic the next day, where the doctor found her condition to be quite serious. She couldn’t walk properly, nor lie on her stomach.

X-rays revealed a four-week-old injury, consisting of a fractured femoral neck, a fractured pelvis and sacroiliac luxation.

Her weight is just over five kilograms. It is unlikely that she has been fed in the past four weeks.

Right now, the puppy is at the clinic where a complicated reconstruction surgery will take place. Recovery will be

painful for a few days, but it will make sure that she is in maximum comfort.

She has been now named Sparta, by a generous pet food supplier, which has offered her food and will cover 50 per cent of the expenses for the surgery.

If you wish to contribute, you can email us at info@friendsofanimalsdxb.com or call us on 050-7706711. We will provide you with the veterinary clinic’s details, for maximum transparency.

During this time of the year, animal adoptions, volunteers and funds are very slow and none of the existing animal help groups can survive without community cooperation.

Give a hand to the animal groups and many pets will get a second chance.

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