Pedestrians are forced to cross the road from undesignated places to reach bus stops, risking life and limb at Marasi Business Bay, Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied


Through this report, I wish to reach out to the concerned authorities and inform them about the unsafe condition of the road along Marasi Business Bay, Dubai.

The distance between the traffic lights on this stretch of road is approximately 800 metres. There are no pedestrian crossings, neither is there a footbridge in this area. Due to this, pedestrians are forced to cross the road from undesignated places, risking life and limb.

It is frightening to see pedestrians scampering in between cars to reach the other side of the road, where the bus stops are situated. I urge the responsible authorities to visit this place and take immediate corrective action, before an accident occurs.

The other issue I wanted to highlight about the same area is the lack of air-conditioned bus shelters. In the entire Business Bay area, there are no air-conditioned bus shelters provided for commuters and they have to wait for the bus in the heat. Once again, I request the responsible authorities to look into this issue and provide comfort in the blistering summer months to the commuters.

— The reader is based in Dubai.

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The reader’s concerns were raised with the management of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). They immediately investigated the issue and responded.

They stated: “Kindly be informed that currently there is a study of pedestrian movement in the Business Bay area in coordination with the developer and accordingly, the pedestrian crossing in question will be considered in the submitted study. We thank the reader for his comments.”