Cultural programmes marked Rossiyanke’s launch at the Mina Al Salam hotel in Dubai on Wednesday. Image Credit: Zarina Fernandes/Gulf News

Dubai: Russian women in the UAE have launched a social group aimed at extending support to female expatriates facing difficulities.

Rossiyanke, which held its first gathering at the Mina Al Salam hotel in Dubai on Wednesday night, is the first social group for Russian women in the UAE.

Tatiana Al Aroud, a UAE resident for more than 12 years and the moving force behind the group, told Gulf News that Rossiyanke will serve as a social organisation that Russian women living in the UAE can fall back on.

"We want to host free events everyday for women and their children. We also want to offer Arabic, English, and Russian language classes," she said.

Tatiana, who was chosen president of the group, said: "Now we have the chance to meet with each other and talk about our culture and at the same time we want to explain to Russian women in the UAE what Islam means, what the emirates mean, and how to live here."

Membership drive

Currently, about 50 women have signed up to become members of the group, but it is counting on wider representation in the coming few weeks.

A newcomer to the UAE, Arzu Esmaylova, welcomed the support the organisation is offering Russian women and those from all the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

"I think it's good idea, I am happy to be here. Maybe they will help me find good schools or tell me where there are good job opportunities." she said.

Another Dubai resident, Anastasiya Yermakova from Belarus, said she was looking forward to the chance to meet more women who share her cultural background,

"I think there will be good events happening. Some events for charities also, that's what I would be interested in attending." Yermakova said.