Image Credit: Ebrahim Saeed

Ajman: During one of my usual visits to the gas station to refuel my car, I noticed an arrogant motorist who was entering the gas station from the exit end and jumping the queue. There is a sign at the exit that clearly states it’s a no entry zone, but some people still break the rules for their convenience.

I waited in the queue for a good 20 minutes only to see another motorist jumping the line, reversing his vehicle in from the front end and refueling his car before me. What’s worse is that even the attendant at the gas stations entertain such motorists. This is completely unfair and wrong on both the motorist and the staff’s part.

This has been noticed by me several times at multiple gas stations and needs to be addressed seriously as it causes an inconvenience and frustration for those honest motorists patiently waiting in queue for their turn. We’re all in a hurry and have to be somewhere.

I request a call out for this concern to the relevant authorities for developing stringent mechanism at the gas station premises to avoid such menace. Hoping for the best in this regard.

The reader is based in Ajman.


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