Jane Walker Nala was lucky that she didn’t come to any harm while she roamed the area where she was dumped. Image Credit:

This is Nala.

We know this because I spent a couple of hours piecing together the last two years of her life, passed on through four homes, from puppy to ‘the abandoned dog in the Marina’.

Her second home rescued her from being thrown onto the street as a three-month-old pup, registered her, got her microchipped, vaccinated and neutered, and were obviously distraught at learning of her subsequent fate.

Although they stepped in as an emergency, they always knew they couldn’t keep her long term, so rehomed her to suitable third owners for a large, active dog, a family with a villa, 14 months ago.

This family, however, again rehomed Nala to an apartment-living friend three months ago, who subsequently, and unceremoniously dumped Nala at night in the carpark of their building.

She was lucky that her saviour Angus McGregor saw her, and although living in a small apartment himself, took her under his wing temporarily. She was also lucky that she didn’t come to any harm while she roamed the road and congested area she was dumped in.

I fear there are too many Nalas in Dubai, and not enough people who are here to pick up the pieces of a large active dog who will shortly be in her fifth home in under two years.

I am determined that this time, Nala’s home won’t be just one in a chain, but somewhere she is loved, understood, guided and helped, to become an amazing lifetime companion I am sure she could be being a German Shepherd and Husky cross.

If any of the rescue groups would be willing to take Nala under their rehoming wing, with an experienced placement, we would be eternally grateful. She can’t stay with McGregor for much longer and a solution is needed to ensure her next home doesn’t turn into home six or seven!


— The reader is based in Dubai and the owner of the veterinary clinic, 2Feet4Paws. If you're interested in more details about Nala, contact the clinic by visiting http://2feet4paws.ae/