I am trying to resolve the cancelation issue with my mobile number and post paidplan. I have phoned etisalat and spoken to an employee whom I have done my first cancelation. She was not able to help me to resolve this issue. She is even asking me to pay Dh893 if I want to complete the cancelation. I was calm and trying to understand how the amount etisalat is charging me has increased day after day. As to what I understood, for the month of May, etisalat charged me with two postpaid plans of Dh279 and Dh99. Since June 1st they charged me Dh99. The reason I wanted to cancel it was because I know for sure that etisalat will charge me again. She can’t explain why I paid Dh782.59. I even received the SMS that it has been cancelled and I’m availing a new postpaid plan. The employee I was dealing with told me to wait until June 6 for them to know the updated bill. How ridiculous that etisalat doesn’t have any new updates on their system. I will not waste my money just to pay whatever charges etisalat wants to charge a consumer. I have paid my bills on time. I want proper action and my money back!

From Ms Shella Munji


The management of etisalat responds:

As per our investigation, the customer has an 18-month contract from January 9, 2014 to June 9, 2015, but we observed that the customer deleted the plan on May 1, 2015 before contract ends.

No other abnormality was found in the bill. We tried to contact the customer for more clarity, but the customer’s number was switched off.

May Invoice: Total bill of the previous month was Dh391.77 + May 2015 Dh780.29 = Dh1,172.06.

The customer paid Dh782.59 of the Dh1,172.06 total meaning that Dh389.47 is the remaining amount due.

Ms Munji responds:

Thank you Gulf News for looking into my complaint, however I spoke to etisalat and I also received an SMS and email that my complaint has been resolved. After the phone call, I have sent them an email again questioning the charge of Dh279 for the month of May and then I have received a reply that my case has been closed.

I am fully aware that I have an 18-month contract and that is why on May 1 I paid the amount of Dh782.59, which covers the April bill total amount due of Dh391.77 and the cancellation of the smartphone instalment plan service of Dh782.59 minus Dh391.77 meaning that the remaining balance is Dh390.82. This is what I paid as this was the amount charged to me when I went for the cancellation on May 1. The same information I am confirming over the phone last Friday from the agent and he said he cannot see that payment in their system. He even asked me if I have the receipt. Yesterday, I paid Dh110.47 as this is my usage for the month of May with the new postpaid plan.

I don’t want to further clarify. This is going around in circles and it has wasted a lot of my time. However, Gulf News has been of help, I do not want to stress myself anymore since there are no actions to be done from etisalat.

Thank you and continue helping other consumers.

The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that we keep calling the customer since June 17, 2015 without any reply because the mobile was switched off.

So, we will close the case temporarily until we reach her.

(Process initiation: June 10. Response from organisation: June 15. Process completion: June 30.)

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