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Many a time a smile is the effect of something good while it could also result in something good. This has been proven scientifically – in a given situation your brain understands the happiness you feel and communicates that to your facial muscles resulting in a smile. It doesn’t stop there though – a true smile could re-inforce the happy feeling back in your brain giving you an emotional high that loops over and over again.

It is often hard for us to smile at work or sometimes to smile back at colleagues. It is at your workplace that you spend the most productive part of your day or even life, it is imperative that the workplace becomes a friendly, happy and familial one. You can make it so with just a few smiles, here’s how 

1. Walk in with one

Practice in your rear-view mirror before you get out or use your compact mirror in the elevator – place a nice smile on your face before you walk in those doors. It doesn’t have to be an all-out grin (which might make you look a little mad to be honest) but a smile lurking just behind your lips. This gives you a good head-start if anyone looks your way to smile first or to respond with a smile. Try to look around you as you walk in so that in case anyone is looking or coming your way, you can wish them a good day with a smile.

2. Respond in kind

For some people, it is hard to initiate a smile which is totally fine. All you need to do is respond to people who do smile. Try not to shy away from eye contact. Be open to interaction even if it’s just a smile and a ‘have a good day’ from someone in the elevator or the canteen. This, while removing pressure of you smiling first, lets others know that you are pleasant and forthcoming.

3. Smile in your email

If you hate using emojis, you don’t need to. It is in the tone. While being polite in your email is a given, being friendly is something everyone has to start working on. Answer ‘How are you?’ and ‘How was your weekend’ with more than just a ‘good’ or ‘great’.  Make the email a little personal. A few well-chosen words and you will see the difference in how people respond, via email or in person.

4. Talk the smile

It is commonly known that smiling as you talk on the phone makes the conversation seem more pleasant. If you are on a call, try to fix a nice smile as you talk and don’t be shy to laugh freely. For most of us, first-time face to face conversations can be awkard, so setting the tone and letting the other person feel comfortable through other channels lays a nice precedent to your meetings later.

5. If you’re happy, you can smile

No one is in their best situation at all times – happiness and the ability to project it comes from within. Studies show that people who smile readily end up happier and live longer. It is all one big loop. What does our happiness quiz say? Work on your happiness from within and before you know it, coming into work will bring a smile all on its own.