Robbie is fully microchipped and neutered should anyone be interested in adopting him. Image Credit: Montserrat Martin/Gulf News Reader

Robbie Williams is an adult cat, about two years old.

His home, until not so long ago, was in the Jumeirah Village area of Dubai. By his healthy appearance and shiny coat, anyone could tell he had a steady home.

At his place, he always had the chance to go in and out — until that one moment when he waited and waited, crying loudly for his guardian. He jumped happily toward his home when cars stopped close to the front door, but a few minutes later the cars would simply disappear again.

Food, water

Days followed nights. Robbie became tired, without a clue as to where he could find food or drink clean water.

From across his home's backyard, he heard a woman and her child talking to their own cat, cuddling her and providing her regularly with food and water.

So he decided to try his luck and see if they had something to spare.

As he approached, he saw them calling to him, hands open, and immediately knew he was welcome.

After eating, drinking and getting all the love in the world, he remembered his guardian again and ran back home. The doors were still locked. There was no light. They would never come back for him.

Thanks to his microchip, the neighbour found his guardian's details, but when they called her, there was a message — "The number you are calling is no longer a working number."

Indoor cat

Robbie is mainly an indoor cat, and cannot keep up with this weather. He would cry for hours in front of the new family's window but cannot go indoors.

He is constantly panting and is worried that soon this weather will make him ill. Without anyone to care for him, the streets are his only home.

He is urgently looking for help.

Would anyone like to have Robbie as a loving pet? He is fully microchipped and neutered.

If you are interested, kindly call055 8895035.

— The reader is the founder of Friends of Animals, Dubai

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