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Dubai is the place where I met my sports and climbing partner Mohammad Khalaf, and we want to dedicate our upcoming sport challenge to the idea of tolerance and acceptance in the UAE, in support the new Anti-Discrimination Law.

I think my dream came true two years ago, when I moved to Dubai. I always liked to travel around the world and meet people from different cultures. The idea of globalisation always attracted me.

But in Dubai, all those cultures are gathered together in one place. People work together, live together and create one big multinational and multicultural society. And the best thing about this culture is that in spite of the diversity, it makes you feel that you belong here and it makes you feel safe.

Freedom of beliefs

Our upcoming challenge is the Kilimanjaro climb in July. Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, is one of the highest seven summits and we are taking part in a seven-day challenge of climbing 5,895 metres. By doing this, we want to tell people around the world about this amazing country, to support the cause of tolerance, freedom of beliefs and international cooperation.

Tolerance is the fundamental value of any global society. Today, there are more than 200 nationalities co-existing in the UAE, people of more than 30 nationalities have become our closest friends. Dubai has become our safe and secure home, and we want to raise the UAE flag at the peak of the African continent.

Sport challenges are not a new thing for both of us. Mohammad recently returned from a successful Everest base camp expedition, where he reached 5,364 metres.

I just completed my charity challenge of seven ultra-marathons (50km) in seven emirates in seven days, which was entirely dedicated to Syrian child refugees. We both love outdoor activities and mountain climbing and have explored many places in the UAE and Oman.

But climbing Kilimanjaro is quite a difficult and physical task, mostly because of the altitude. After 3,000 metres, the oxygen concentration in the human body reduces, and anything above 5,500 metres is considered an extreme altitude. We will climb up to 5,895 metres and so we have already started training for it to prepare our bodies to acclimatise smoothly.

We believe every sporting challenge has to carry some bigger idea behind it, which can contribute to the society and motivate people. We invite people to join us and create a UAE team to climb for this cause!

The UAE’s multicultural society taught us open-mindedness and the benefits of tolerance and we want to remind people about those fundamental values.

If you can do something different, why not dedicate yourself to the matters that really deserve attention?

If you’re interested in joining, contact me at olga.inspired@gmail.com.

The reader is an assistant manager based in Dubai. 
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