Kay Ivanova ‘Pensive’ Ten-year-old Agatha was once a loved pet until her family moved and abandoned her. Image Credit: Supplied


This is a sad story about 10-year-old Agatha Christie, a sweet, old feline, who just wants to be loved and feel secure. Agatha was once a loved pet until her family moved and abandoned her to fend for herself on the streets of Dubai. Neighbours kept an eye on her and made sure she was fed, but nobody was able to give her the love she so clearly craved. Even veterinary care was not forthcoming as it was discovered that she had fractured her leg at one time and had had to cope with the pain until it healed.

As time went on, she got older and every day must have been a struggle. She lost a lot of weight and wasn’t interested in food anymore. Now, Agatha is safe. She is off the streets and receiving the care she needs.

Understandably, she has some medical issues due to neglect and her age. She is almost deaf and needs a special diet due to some kidney problems. She is lucky that it is not worse.

What Agatha really needs is a home where she can have the attention she deserves for the rest of her days. She needs somebody who she can rub against, sleep next to and purr loudly to. She is a small cat, very gentle and quiet. She is a sweetheart that adores people and has so much love to give.

Somewhere in the UAE is that kind person who is willing to open their home and their heart for Agatha. That person does not need to worry about the costs associated with taking her on as 38Smiles will cover all the vet bills. This is called ‘forever foster’, an option available only for special pets like Agatha Christie.

Ideally, she should be an only cat or placed with one who is not dominant towards other cats. She is not interested in food, so it normally takes a few minutes to convince her to eat.

Looking after an elderly pet requires love, dedication and knowledge. Full support and training will be provided by 38Smiles, an animal rescue group that strives to help the strays of today become the pets of tomorrow.

If you have been touched by Agatha’s story and are willing to help turn her life around, please get in touch at info@38smiles.com.

— The reader is the founder of 38Smiles, a group determined to help stray animals, based in Dubai.