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Social media users believed that companies need to put in more thought into their products. Also, many expressed their frustration on digital advertisements that are found online.

Here's what some tweeps thought:

@kenz_dream: Smart phones companies should at least be giving like two years’ intervals before producing or releasing a new product.

@danyival: I only buy a new phone when I need a new phone.

@MagaWildcat: O.K. for all of the ad agencies, forcing me to watch your advertisements, I will purposefully not buy your products.

@rach_usa: Forcing me to watch your [...] advertisement for 15 seconds isn’t going to persuade me to use your product or buy your game.

@anxchi: TV advertisement have grown so powerful. Same advertisements are repeated on a loop forcing you to buy the product even when you don’t need it.

@TFrantastic1: Dear marketers, forcing me to listen to your annoying video advertisements as I surf the web makes me want to never buy your product.

@MrCatsanova: I’m forcing myself not to give into temptation and buy things from tv advertisements.