190519 volunteers
Volunteers of the Community Development Authority in Dubai pack iftar meals that will be distributed to workers. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: As many as 19 civil organisations have been tirelessly working to serve iftar meals this Ramadan to labourers across the city with a target to distribute around 330,000 meals through the month.

The Community Development Authority in Dubai (CDA) on Sunday announced that the free iftar meals are being distributed under the umbrella of the Yestahaloon initiative.


civil organisations to take part in the Ramadan initiative

CDA officials are expecting a large number of volunteers particularly the employees of the participating civil organisations to be part of the initiative. Over the years, Yestahaloon initiative has seen significant success and benefited a large number of workers in Dubai.

Dr Omar Al Muthanna, CEO, Social Regulatory and Licensing Sector at CDA, said, “The Holy Month of Ramadan is an opportunity to increase the labourers’ happiness. ‘Yestahaloon’ is not just about being able to hand out free iftar meals, it is more about the atmosphere that Ramadan creates, which provides these labourers a key sense of compassion, love and tolerance.


of the firms will be distributing meals at mosques

“This includes different activities that aim to reach out to labourers. We are pleased with the increased participation of the private and non-profit organisations, which reflects their role in strengthening the community.”

Yestahaloon activities will be held across a number of areas, including labour accommodations and mosques.

“We are looking forward to increase the private sector’s contributions to various community-focused initiatives — not just during Ramadan but throughout the year to ensure comprehensive community development,” Al Muthanna said.

At least six of the 19 organisations will be handling the distribution of these meals across a number of mosques and labour accommodations in Deira, Al Quoz and Jebel Ali.