Ranjith Kaippada

Please share a brief profile on your firm and product and service portfolio.

Cloud Box Technologies (CBT) is an IT systems integrator that provides services that are professionally managed and implemented inhouse. It has unparalleled consultancy skills that is led by a team of seasoned professionals. Our customers comprise of those from banking and finance, retail, healthcare, in SMB and mid-markets. With years of combined technical expertise in the Middle East, CBT has partnered with global IT companies and provides them with strong local support. These range from Data Center, Storage, Server, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Network Security, Server Managed and Desktop Virtualization.

We are an ISO9001 as well as an In Country Value certified company.

How is your leadership helping Cloud Box Technologies reimagine the offerings for the IT infrastructure solutions space in the UAE and the region?

As we move into our consolidation phase, it is extremely critical that we have a strong set of professionals who are technically adept to address our customers’ challenges. My focus is on getting the right fit across the organisation. I truly believe in guiding and empowering the team to lead their units in conjunction with our overall vision. As the market trends move towards becoming more service oriented, I understand it is pivotal in making the right investments to ensure our customers are provided higher standards of flexibility and efficiency and the solutions that we implement will pay high dividends.

In an era when digital connectivity is everything, please elaborate on the importance of end-point security and the solutions your firm provides.

Organisations are striving to drive their cybersecurity investments when threats are growing more imaginative and difficult to identify and mitigate. This comes at a time when there is an explosion of remote workers, rising Cloud hosting and data storage and a multitude of cases of partner as well as vendor access requirements. It calls for greater vigilance and putting end-point best practices into place for accurate detection and timely incident response. CBT has begun working with several global security vendors to provide our customers with effective solutions.

Our recent investment is the development of our Network Operations Centre that has the most innovative and advanced Managed Detection and Response capabilities.

What is the growth path you foresee for Cloud Box Technologies over the next decade?

IoT is paving the way for several innovations and is fueling Artificial Intelligence and automation usage. It entails working smarter, and this is where we see the future growth of CBT. We aim not just to grow exponentially in our business, but we are focused on providing smart solutions. Our concentration on digital transformation solutions aims to reduce complexity and provide a seamless customer experience.

I can foresee revolutionary changes in the healthcare, retail and education sectors where consumer experiences will be key, and CBT is positioning itself to be a leading solutions provider in this area.