Black sliders at Salt Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI: Psychologists will have you believe that colour plays a key role in food choice as they influence taste thresholds, sweetness, perception, preference, pleasantness and acceptability. But it looks like black foods are an exception to the rule.

The dark side of eating

From starters to desserts, everything at the hip eatery is black as they are made of activated charcoal, squid ink or Oreo biscuits.

“Our Black Summer menu is inspired by the hot weather conditions in the UAE and features things like black sliders (Dh32), black fries (Dh27) served with black salt and vinegar sauce and black lemonade (Dh27) made from lemon, green apple, ginger and activated by charcoal,” said Amal Al Marri, co-founder, SALT.

Sweet surfeit

The desserts include Oreo Oreo coffee shake (Dh30), that comes with a double shot espresso, topped with ice cream sandwiches and Black Softie (Dh29), vanilla icecream mixed with Oreos.

“SALT is more than just a food truck. With our Black Summer Menu, we have launched an entire black summer experience ahead of the hot months. We have tied up with BARE fitness, a homegrown gym brand that has a ‘black’ workout. We will host regular community events at their location throughout the hot months,” added Amal.

The SALT’s Kite Beach outlet is currently running an ‘All the Way’ promotion where guests pick any three items from the Black Summer menu for just Dh75.


Does colour affects your perception of food?

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