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Ten reasons why TV commercials are good

Sneha Dhadwal, division head of BUZ PR & Events, tells us why TV commercials can be good

Sneha Dhadwal
Image Credit: Supplied picture
Sneha Dhadwal, division head, BUZ PR & Events

1. They give you the chance to take that bathroom break.

2. Adverts keep you active – you get up and dart for the remote.

3. You get a chance to nag: “dinner over… your turn to do dishes!”

4. It’s the best time to complete that manicure.

5. It’s also a great time to reply to your emails and texts.

6. Sometimes adverts remind you of things you have bought and forgotten to use.

7. The break is a good opportunity to get another cola from the fridge.

8. Adverts break up the monotony of the 24/7 news channel – at least the commercials change every hour (um… usually)!

9. From sorting out the laundry to doing the dishes, for me this is the best time to get my chores done.

10. Advert breaks allow room for expert comments – “Didn’t XYZ wear the same outfit a few episodes ago?”