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Ten decisions I'm just not able to make

Roshna Raj Marketing Executive, Ramada Downtown Dubai shares her list

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Roshna Raj is a Marketing Executive at Ramada Downtown Dubai.

1. Going on a diet. While postponing it every other week, I hate when I finally decide to go on a diet. There I go all over again: the baked beans, broccoli and low-fat milk.

2. What to wear on weekends. It’s that time of the week when I have to ransack my wardrobe. Even after multiple shopping sprees,
I always find myself heading to the mall for more new outfits.

3. Saying goodbye to chocolates. Giving up on your biggest weakness isn’t easy, especially when your kitchen is always stacked with a variety of chocolates and a jar of that hazelnut spread bought by your mom.

4. Hitting the gym. How many of us tell ourselves, “I will go to the gym starting Sunday”? Believe me, the day never comes!

5. Working extra hours. I always find myself undecided whether to work extra hours to get the tasks done, or to save some of the work for the next day. As Scarlett O’Hara puts it, “Tomorrow is another day!”

6. Mode of transport. There’s always conflict between taking the car or walking to a mall, which is five minutes away. I hate to decide whether to lose some calories with a brisk walk or take an air-conditioned drive to beat the heat.

7. What to watch. I hate to choose between two interesting programmes running simultaneously on different channels. Juggling with the remote simply gets on my nerves.

8. The early morning drink. Caramel latte topped with loads of chocolate syrup and caramel, or simply a healthy green tea with honey? How is it that I need to decide on this every single morning?

9. Supporting friends. Backing up your friends is not always easy. Sometimes, you have to choose whether to be a fairy godmother granting their every wish, or be the devil’s advocate.

10. Which book to read. What to take out of your bag in a crowded bus or the Metro – my favourite Archie comics that I’m slightly overgrown for, or an intellectual pick to stimulate my wits?


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