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Life Challenge: 'We've changed our lives'

After an intense two-month emotional, nutritional and physical makeover, the six Aquarius life challengers reveal how the experience has changed their lives

  • Life Challengers
    From left: Noha El Shazly, Paola Pani, Karin Londt, Inga Stevens, Bhawna Verma and Accalia Hipwood.Image Credit: Stefan Lindeque/GNM
  • Life Challengers
    "The Aquarius Life Challenge gave me thecourage to live the life I always longed for andgave me theImage Credit: Stefan Lindeque/GNM

Noha El Shazly

“The Aquarius Life Challenge was a turning point in my life. Sometimes you need an intervention to take back control of your life and prove that the ability to be inspirational is in every single one of us. I am not the same person – I have changed. I surround myself with good people and I am very aware, and thankful, of the blessings I have. My journey wasn’t easy, but it was worth it – I got ‘me’ back, but an even better version.”

Paola Pani

“The Life Challenge is definitely a formula that works. It not only restored my positive energy, but it helped me find the fabulousness inside me, which was hidden so deep for so long, I didn’t even know it was there. It has given me the confidence and self-esteem to know that I deserve to be happy. Every day has been a discovery – and I have loved every minute of it.”

Karin Londt

“Three months ago I was a wreck, with no idea how to get my life out of the dumpster. I had all but given up on myself and my dreams. Now, with the experts’ help, I have embraced life – with all its uncertainties, its ups and its downs – and every day is a realisation that my life is up to me. And that is the biggest reward I could have asked for.”

Inga Stevens

“I keep mistakenly telling people I have been part of the Aquarius Life Change, because, although it was challenging, it was more life changing. I always underestimated the power of ‘change from within’ and I am so happy to finally get the message. Now I know I have the tools to keep evolving, so there’s no reason to get stuck in a rut again.”

Bhawna Verma

“The Life Challenge is a blessing for anyone who is ready for change. I am now breathing better, eating better, thinking better and living better. I feel in touch with the real me, with my goals and my desires and, most importantly, I know that I can make them come true. The fog has cleared up and I can see ahead – and the future sure looks bright!”

Accalia Hipwood

“The Life Challenge has reintroduced me to myself – not a new me, but the real me, who has been unleashed once more. All the baggage has been eliminated and the funny, feisty, confident me is back. Just more improved. My life coach Shana said, ‘It’s only you on your deathbed... only you will know if you truly lived your life to the full.’ It’s time to start living.”


The Life Challenge Winner: Paola Pani

Paola says...

Life coaching: "I'm reprogramming my thoughts and every day I notice shifts in my behaviour. It's like I'm finally awake. I notice, listen from a new perspective. It's like breathing from a new set of lungs."

Nutrition: "Now I know how much and when to eat, and I'm more comfortable indulging because I know I can if I exercise regularly. I also don't stress if I enjoy a glass, or two, because I know the next day I can fix it. I now love cooking and preparing food for myself - I notice what I eat, I love what I eat and I chew slowly. There is no more eating out of boredom and low self-worth, I really am what I eat."

Fitness: "At 36, I'm in love with my body for the first time. I've discovered kickboxing, and thanks to my instructor Charles, it really boosts my confidence. But I don't exercise to lose weight, or to wear skinny jeans - I go to the gym out of love and respect for myself and my body is responding well to it."

Overall: "The Life Challenge helped me believe in myself and trust myself again. It brought inner peace to my soul and gave me confidence I was lacking. It introduced me to remarkable women who helped me grow and who inspire me every day. It gave me the courage to live the life I always longed for and gave me the will to push myself and dare to change. It made me believe that if you put your heart into a project, if you are true to yourself - and recognise distractions, but bring your focus back to your higher values - you can make positive changes for yourself, for the future and for the world. It was an unforgettable journey, which gave me a set of keys to a door leading to an amazing new world. So I embraced it, and now an incredible new journey has begun."

The future: "I'm no longer tense and worried about my future. I'm more at peace with myself and I'm confident that my new way of thinking will lay a new path to my future. So, I guess it didn't change my future plans, but it changed the way I see them."

Main self-discoveries: "That I can push myself, that I'm determined, and that I can do something great!" 

Expert feedback...

Shana Kad, NLP life coach at Life Effective Coaching: "Paola grabbed this opportunity with both hands and is blooming inside and out. She has a purpose and is ploughing forward without fear or hesitation to take responsibility for her happiness. She is now the creator of her life and is writing a new story. She is a butterfly who found her wings."

Christina Doublichevitche, nutritionist at Unilever: "Paola now knows how to enjoy the food she loves in the right amounts, and how to indulge in moderation - and she does it effortlessly. She has definitely changed in the past two months. She is more confident, more active... she has really blossomed."

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