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Fitness focus: We try burlesque

Shake it, work it, own it. Fitness gets a huge helping of sass with this exciting new dance class. Annmarie Rowlands tries it out

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Burlesque is an engergising class that will leave you feeling happy and positive.

What is it?

It's less Dita Von Teese and more Beyoncé and the Pussy Cat Dolls, but without a feather boa in sight. The class is open to men and women and sees Danny Lee, the enthusiastic and impressive dance teacher, leading the class through a routine to a modern dance track.

Danny has a warm, friendly teaching style, which gets you moving like you're in an MTV music video. The choreography is so good that I felt like I was in a proper London dance studio, although Danny is really patient so I was never overwhelmed or intimidated. 

What happens?

Much like any normal exercise class, you start and end with a warm-up and a cool down. The warm-up gets you ready to dance using simple stretches and movements to dance music.

After the warm-up, the trainers come off and everyone slips into their dancing shoes. Most of the women wear heels - some were even wearing boots. Anything with a heel will do, just as long as they are comfortable and you can strut.

The dance routine is taught in simple stages adding a bit more each time. There's a lot of shoulder shimmying, strutting and touching your toes and the routine is fast, but before you know it, you're busting moves like Beyoncé. At least you think you are.

Danny teaches a new routine every week so that everyone is starting from the same point. You can definitely tell the people who go regularly as they pick up the routines quickly, but everyone's really friendly and I didn't feel embarrassed about beinga beginner at all. 

What are the results?

It's an engergising class and you leave feeling happy and positive. The fact that you have to concentrate means you get to switch off from your stresses for a full hour. As for the physical results, judging by how much my legs were aching afterwards, it works wonders. Instructor Danny says, "It's a full body workout, but it's particularly good for toning your legs and bum. It's also really good for self-esteem and anyone can do it... if you can walk in heels, you can dance burlesque. We have men come to the class, too." 


Fridays at 12pm in Studio 106, Icon Tower, Tecom, Dh50 per class, or Dh70 for two classes. For details, call 050-7089088,