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10 reasons to embark on a trek of a lifetime

Sarah Edge, national customer channel account manager, DHL Express UAE, who plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro as part of a charity initiative by DHL and Gulf for Good, gives us her list

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Embarking on a trek will make a cool bed-time story for your grandkids.

1. It takes you away from all the beeps of emails and Facebook updates on your smartphone or laptop. 

2. No one is going to comment on the fact that you haven't showered for six days when you're climbing a mountain in -20°C. 

3. Like fast food? Want to lose a few pounds? Whether it's Mount Everest or Mount Kilimanjaro - I don't believe Ronald McDonald has got there just yet to sell you Big Macs! 

4. One for the ladies: No heels on this trek, it's flat, comfy shoes all the way. And hey, if the journey takes two weeks then it will delay that bunion operation. 

5. After a few decades, it'll make a cool bed-time story for your grandkids. 

6. It's a great opportunity to meet lots of new people, perhaps even a Mr Right! 

7. Want to make the trip even more worthwhile? Get people to sponsor you for a charity. 

8. What better excuse is there to get yourself a personal trainer to help you prepare? 

9. Lots of prep time means plenty of ‘me' time and a great excuse to skip household chores. "Sorry love, I have to research on the internet in preparation for my trek, can you make the dinner tonight?" 

10. You will be the topic of conversation for a long time to come. From now on, socialising will be a walk in the park.