Behind the scenes of curating Elyanna’s outfit for her first show. Image Credit: Instagram/talimarjieh

Sister and stylist to the emerging Palestinian-Chilean singer Elyanna, Tali Marjieh is connecting the bridge between the Middle East and the Western world through her creative designs and styling expertise. Raised amidst the diverse cultural landscape of Palestine, she carries within her a deep-rooted connection to the traditions and aesthetics that define the region. However, upon her move to Los Angeles, the contrast between her homeland and her new environment became distinctly clear. The tatreez, headscarves, and henna that once surrounded her gave way to an atmosphere seemingly devoid of these cultural elements.

"In the US, I felt something was missing," Marjieh reflects on her initial experience. The unfamiliarity of her new surroundings magnified the absence of her native cultural richness. Fuelled by a powerful sense of duty, she embarked on a mission to introduce "our art and fashion to the West." Looking closer to home to find the perfect canvas for this endeavour is her sister Elyanna, a ground-breaking artist who made history by performing a complete set in Arabic at Coachella, spearheading an Arab cultural takeover on a global stage. This mission embodies the essence of embracing one's heritage and representing it proudly, principles flawlessly exemplified by Elyanna and perpetually inspiring others to do the same.

Last week marked a pivotal moment as Elyanna performed her first-ever show in Los Angeles, an event that sold-out only a few days after its announcement. This Arabic-language performance serves as another monumental milestone for Arab culture. To amplify the celebration of her heritage, Tali Marjieh meticulously curated her sister's attire, ensuring it mirrored the profound significance of the occasion. Marjieh's designs hold Elyanna's unique essence, which she describes as a "mad Middle Eastern angel."

Elyanna in action wearing all white. Image Credit: Instagram/elyanna

With her sister trusting her to deliver outfits that matched the excellence of her music, Marjieh felt the pressure but embraced the beauty and thrill of it. "It’s personal in every sense; she fully entrusted me to design it, and I'm truly grateful." Marjieh shares that the defining moment of the night was when Elyanna stepped onto the stage, "the spotlight illuminated her all-white ensemble with coins, affirming that we had made the right choice."

"We've always recognized her fierce stage presence, and I wanted to juxtapose that with something entirely different. The process of curating her appearance was both a challenge and a new experience," Marjieh shares, describing how she overcame the challenge through her inherent understanding of Elyanna and her brand.

Their commitment to creating looks that radiate confidence for the wearers and elicit admiration from the audience extended beyond Elyanna. Marjieh also dressed the dancers as well. “I felt like it's necessary to care about how dancers feel on stage. I wanted to make them feel unique in every way.”

While Marjieh primarily focuses on styling and designing for Elyanna, she exclusively reveals that her clothing brand will soon make its debut. With a substantial number of people eagerly anticipating the pieces she has previewed on Instagram and through Elyanna, Marjieh will connect people to their roots in a modern fashion. The brand, as Marjieh puts it, "will be a reflection of who I am as a person and as a designer. I believe many will resonate with it. My designs essentially are pieces I've longed to purchase and endlessly searched for yet can’t seem to find elsewhere."

Elyanna and her dancers performing. Image Credit: Instagram/elyanna

As a teaser for her upcoming clothing brand, Marjieh promises that it will empower wearers and make them feel like protagonists in their own stories.

Stay tuned for brand announcements and a dose of inspiration on Marjieh’s Instagram handle: @talimarjieh