AlUla Moments runs from September 16 with a calendar full of events and activities for all ages and interests. Image Credit: AlUla

Saudi Arabia’s ancient desert city AlUla has announced AlUla Moments, an arts and culture program full of events with a lineup including AlUla Wellness Festival, Winter at Tantora, as well as a new addition to the calendar, The Ancient Kingdoms Festival, plus loads more.

Located 1,100km from Riyadh, AlUla is a region filled with natural and human history covering a vast area of desert, oasis, sandstone mountains and ancient cultural sites. Remains of past civilisations date back to 7,000 years ago, and AlUla is also home to Hegra, one of the Nabataean Kingdom’s key cities and Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heriate Site. In this extraordinary conflux of people and cultures you can additionally find Dadan, the capital of the Lihyan Kingdom, the open air library of Jabal Ikmah, and AlUla Old Town, the labyrinthine remains of nearly a thousand 12th century dwellings.

'Winter at Tantora' returns this year-end there are some new additions to the line-up too. Image Credit: AlUla

This year’s AlUla Moments offers a wide range of experience from culture and music, to nature, wellness, equestrian, gastronomy, and astronomy. For 2022 AlUla Moments will be presenting five major festivals and five further events, including “The Return of Azimuth” for the first time, as well as “The Ancient Kingdoms Festival”. A purpose-built spa centre will offer rejuvenation for the mind, Boyd and soul by some of the world’s best health practitioners. For adventure minded visitors, AlUla’s new Adventure Hub offers abseiling, rock climbing, via ferrata and canyon hammock, and ziplining.

Dates for AlUla Moments 2022 run from September 16 to January 21 2023 - the full calendar and ticket information can be viewed at

Music, film, culture, art, gastronomy, equestrian, astronomy… It’s all a part of AlUla Moments. Image credit: AlUla Image Credit: AlUla
Khaybar oasis in AlUla, the North West region of Saudi Arabia. Image Credit: AlUla