Image Credit: Messika

It’s been seven years since Valérie Messika launched her Parisian High Jewelry rooftop atelier, a 180 square meter flagship space for the youthful and exuberant collection of pieces. As the only French businesswoman with her own independent Jewelry Maison, Messika inherited her passion for diamonds from her father, and her latest collection is likely the most fascinating one yet.

Called 'Beyond the Light', the Messika High Jewelry line is inspired by ancient Egypt, living up to its name with a symphony of light from the exceptional diamonds on display.

As the centrepiece of the collection, Messika highlights the 'Akh-Ba-Ka' set featuring 15 diamonds, cut from a 110-carat stone, the biggest ever acquired by the Maison.

The centrepiece of the collection, the “Akh-Ba-Ka” set, is cut from the largest diamond ever acquired by the maison. Image Credit: Messika

“Ancient Egypt was a civilisation that continues to fascinate all generations and cultures,” explains Messika. “It emanates a mystery, an almost magical aura that evokes eternity. It is also a world that instills a powerful and inspiring spirituality,” she adds.

Messika bought the 110-carat stone two years ago, and it took a team of experienced jewellers half a year to create Akh-Ba-Ka, with the largest stone in the collection being a 33-carat flawless diamond.