Having an idea of what your prospective employer wants can help you play up your skills to beat down competition Image Credit: Istock

With data from one of the biggest online career portals in the region, we now know exactly what employers in the UAE are looking for in terms of qualifications for new hires this year.

According to Suhail Masri, VP Employer Solutions at Bayt.com, hiring prospects are getting better with upcoming projects like smart cities. Bayt compiled the below data based on the Bayt.com Job Index Survey 2016 (Middle East) and site statistics to understand the vibe of the hiring side.

Most desired educational qualifications

According to the survey conducted in February, the following qualifications were seen as the most desired by UAE employers.  

1. Business Management, Commerce and Engineering

These three qualifications (for graduates or post-graduates) came in at 27 per cent of the most sought-after degrees by employers, making them highly desirable in the UAE job market.

2. Administrative qualifications

Administrative qualifications are sought by 18 per cent of the employers.

3. Science 

Science graduates or post-graduates were desired by 17 per cent of the hiring respondents, closely following admin qualifications.

4. Information Technology

IT professionals, graduates or post graduates are desired by 15 per cent of the surveyees. Specific degrees, diplomas and streamlined IT experience can gain you a job in this sector, if you want it.

5. Hospitality qualifications

The UAE is a country with many opportunities for qualified professionals in the hospitality sector and this reflects in the 13 per cent desirability for specific degrees in this field.

6. Computer science qualifications

A computer science degree opens up a lot of possible roles such as analysts, developers, system admin, testers and many more. This qualification is sought by 11 per cent of the employers surveyed.

7. Teaching qualifications

Teaching qualification also comes in at 11 per cent desirability. With the number of schools and variety in syllabi, any teaching qualification can be played up in your favour once you shortlist your desired schools.

8. Arts degrees

Arts graduates and post graduates come in at the least desired in this survey but at 9 per cent, this does not mean that there are no chances for great placements if you seek out firms looking exactly for the qualification you have.

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