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Huqqa, a Turkish restaurant, recently opened in the new Fashion Avenue of The Dubai Mall. Huqqa is set to become one of the most popular hang-outs in the city thanks to its ever-changing menu of fresh and expertly prepared food with an international flavour. Huqqa hailing originally from Turkey, started off in Istanbul in a prime location there and is one of the most unique shisha lounges in Turkey. They quickly became a success story and expanded to Dubai with plans to open more venues in GCC.

The founder, Mrs. Simay Uras loves the food & beverage business. When we spoke to her, she said 'We feel pride and honored to be in Dubai, which is the heart of the Middle East. Especially to be in Downtown Dubai which is the heart of the city and to be the neighbors to one of the most iconic buildings, the Burj Khalifa, with its inspiring vision. When I built the brand I added spirit to it inspired from my life, from my favorite things and my loved ones. I planned for Huqqa to be a place where women who live like me would be happy, where women can feel at home. A place where they could socialize with their friends easily and comfortably. The number of Huqqa locations expanded to six with Dubai being our  latest branch. My dream was to open it to the world and I am quite happy about our growth and expansions. We are working very hard in order to serve the world Turkish and international cuisine in a comfortable environment with the best view and ambiance in Dubai.”

It’s a bit of a walk to get to, but you’ll understand why it’s located all the way at the edge of the mall when you get there. The best view ever. The restaurant has the best outlook at Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain. Sit outside if you’re okay with a slight bit of heat. But we found that in the night time, with a little help from their air conditioners that it was quite pleasant to sit on their sprawling terrace.

As soon as you sit down, the table is filled with a selection of small and healthy Turkish dishes including fresh honey, dates, dried fruits, milk-jam, cheeses, vegetable muhamara, sautéed spinach, eggplant salad as well as a toasted bread basket. I basically devoured the cheese platter and had some honey to go along with it. I then enjoyed their beef neck soup with a piece of Turkish simit bread (the round one with all the sesames on it). 

The next course was a couple of traditional Turkish treats including a Su Boreg, a super delicate pastry dish with creamy cheese filling, their Kuru Patlican Dolma, a stuffed eggplant and a little minced meat pastry. I was pretty much full, as the portions were very generous.

For my main course, I opted for a wrapped lamb leg with barley, which I only managed to eat half of, since I was so full from the starters. Our server gave us a selection of all of their desserts to share. One was their most popular dish, which was the Irmik Helva, made with semolina halava with cheese and ice cream. I love mixing savoury and sweet flavours. Other deserts on the table was the Gullac, layers of crispy rice leaves soaked in milk pistachio.

This iftar is great for people who are of the extra hungry variety, since the portions are super generous and the food is really filling. Quality is always at the forefront and world cuisine is well represented, including the traditional Anatolian menu items for which Huqqa is famous.

If you love a little exclusivity, Huqqa has V.I.P. lounges accommodating 10-15 people, ready and welcoming for guests who prefer a little more privacy. Equipped with Apple TV and games, they are available with reservation in advance. A private lunch or dinner party for family or friends with the full Huqqa menu is available day and night. 

There is a fine selection of 40 different tobaccos that you can use with your shisha post, or during iftar; one for everybody’s taste.

All of these can be enjoyed while admiring the spectacular views. Including the incredible Burj Khalifa in and the magical dancing, musical fountains.

Any time is the right time to visit Huqqa and The Market.

The details

What: Huqqa and The Market

Where: Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue

Price: Dh259 per person

Timings: From sunset until 9pm.