Fireworks at Gobal Village: shows are conducted every Thursday and Friday at 9pm Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Global Village, one of Dubai’s leading family entertainment and cultural destinations, ends its 25th Silver Jubilee season on Sunday May 2.

Initially organisers announced that the season would end in April, 2021, but a few weeks back Global Village announced on Twitter that they would be extending their season for an extra two weeks until Sunday May 2, so the public can enjoy Ramadan at the family-friendly entertainment destination.

World Record attempt

The last day of Global Village will be celebrated with a bang. They will break their 25th Guinness World record on Sunday, which means that over the last eight months, the popular destination broke 24 world records.

The 25th world record will be an attempt to break the record for Highest altitude firework display in partnership with Skydive Dubai. The attempt will take place at 9pm on Sunday May 2.

Previous records

Some of Global Villages previous world records include, the “Largest Mosaic” that read "100,000,000 meals," using 2,500 lanterns, in support of the national campaign launched by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, the “Largest Pin Badge Word” in the world. To mark the occasion, Global Village celebrated International Happiness Day as pavilions were lit in yellow to mark the event while smiley faces adorned both the largest underwater screen and the iconic Wheel of the World.

They also won the record for the “Most People In A Video Relay Holding A Sign” as part of a larger internal campaign to promote vaccination for its staff and partners.

The popular destination is a unique and integrated open-air destination for shopping, dining and entertainment experiences from around the world. This season, the venue eyes over seven million visitors this season.

Make sure you head down for the special record breaking firework show.

Key info:

Location: Global Village

Cost: Dh15

When: Sunday, May 2 from 9pm onward