My Emirates Pass: UAE residents can also get up to 50 per cent discount using Emirates' boarding pass across the country. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: This May, your Emirates boarding pass can give you access to a free Dubai Marina Cruise, the airline said in their media press release last week. Your cruise ticket is your boarding pass, and no pre-booking is required.

The offer is part of the airline's My Emirates Pass campaign which gives travellers exclusive discounts to various leisure and entertainment destinations in Dubai. The airline said, "During May, those landing in Dubai can enjoy a complimentary Dubai Marina Cruise, which gives unrivalled panoramic views of one of the city’s most iconic skylines from the Arabian Gulf."

Pre-booking is not required for the single-entry complimentary ticket to Tour Dubai’s one-hour Marina Sightseeing Cruise. The customer just has to show a valid boarding pass, either digital or paper, at the ticketing counter on the day of use along with proof of identity. The cruise is only valid from May 01 – 31 (both dates included) between 10am and 4pm.

The one-hour cruise offer does not include beverages and cannot be combined with other offers. The boarding pass has to be used only by the passenger named on it, and cannot be transferred. You also have to ensure that you don't lose your boarding pass as it cannot get reprinted.

The one-hour cruise promises a view of iconic locations in the Dubai Marina area including Ain Dubai. 

Disclaimer: Gulf News is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from a change made by the airline in this offer. All queries must be directed to Emirates.