Cirque Du Soleil OVO STOCK
Cirque Du Soleil OVO celebrates nature and biodiversity, and features an array of species from the insect world in the choreography Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: In less than a week, Dubai residents and visitors can book tickets to watch the world-famous circus Cirque Du Soleil perform ‘OVO’.

Set to hit the Coca Cola Arena stage from January 12 to 18, the 'Ovo' act is known for its ethereal quality even as humans gracefully and effortlessly throw themselves off beams to leap into each other's arms in a perfectly synchronised dance. 

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'OVO' translates to egg in Portugese and the theme celebrates biodiversity and nature. The act plays host to an array of unique and enchanting characters, all of which showcase different sectors of the insect world - from dragonflies and spiders to ants and scarabs. 

The Dubai show will feature 10 performances over the seven days. The high-energy, colourful show promises to enthrall audiences of all ages. The adrenaline-pumping performance reaches a whole new level with the level of artistry in the performers' costumes.

The show’s delicately made costumes are both crafted by hand and through the use of 3D printers, thrown into artistic relief using lighting and aerial technology. The troupe famously travels with over 1000 pieces of creative costume, including shoes, head pieces, and wings.

Cirque Du Soleil, formed in the 1980s, now has nearly 4,000 employees, with 1,300 talented and creative artists from more than 50 different countries.

Date: January 12-18, Cost: Tickets start at Dh191 per person