Al Ain Zoo
Image Credit: WAM

Al Ain Zoo has launched its winter camp, which runs from 11th to 22nd December 2023 under the name, "Winter Magic".

The Zoo will accept registrations to this season's winter camp until 8th December, where many exciting and unique experiences await participants, including extraordinary adventures and wildlife discovery facilitated by experts in animal care, breeding and behavioural specialists.

Activities will take place daily from 8 am to 12 pm except Fridays, during which activities will only be until 11:00 am.

Through the camp, the Zoo is keen to enrich school children's (ages 6 to 14 years) winter vacation by supplementing them with experiences and developing their skills to enhance their capabilities, especially their enthusiasm for research and knowledge in a joyful new environment that improves their intellectual, cultural, social and physical skills.

The winter camp features an array of fun activities designed in an interactive educational format that combines both education and entertainment with the theme of nature conservation and wildlife. The camp also encourages team-building through competitions that prompt collaboration between children, an introduction to sustainability concepts, arts and crafts, a virtual tour around the world's continents, and much more.