Goethe-Institut Gulf Region
Fareed Majari, Director of the Goethe-Institut Gulf Region Image Credit: Supplied

Thanks to the UAE’s exemplary response the pandemic is now loosening its grip on our lives. For almost two years our students have been learning German online, and cultural events have come to you online. One takeaway from the last two years is that a lot can be done online and our students and teachers did an awesome job coping with the pandemic. However, there are limits. At some point you want to apply what you learned in real human interaction. This is why learners of German are now gradually returning to our classrooms in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Streamed movies, concerts and online exhibitions brought us through the pandemic, but aren’t we all longing for the magic of the silver screen in our favorite movie theatre, a theatre or dance performance, or a concert? Even the guy rustling with his popcorn in the seat next to ours seems to be only a minor nuisance now. Get ready for our real life events this fall. In late November and early December it’s curtains up for the second edition of the Gulf German Film Festival. As soon as the temperatures cool down in the fall we will show biweekly movies on our rooftop in Abu Dhabi. In December Love Labour Leisure – an exhibition combined with talks and performances - will explore the cultural practices of migrant workers. And if you are interested in dance and movement sign up for one of our workshops. We look forward to welcoming you back.