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I am 55 years old, male and have been having some urinary related issues. Upon consulting a doctor I was told I have enlarged prostrate (benign) and advised surgery. Can Homeopathy help?

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) – also called prostate gland enlargement – is a common condition that men face as they get on in age.

The severity of symptoms in people who have prostate gland enlargement varies, but symptoms tend to gradually worsen over time. Common signs and symptoms of BPH include:

• Frequent or urgent need to urinate

• Increased frequency of urination at night

• Difficulty starting urination

• Weak urine stream or a stream that stops and starts

• Dribbling at the end of urination

• Inability to completely empty the bladder.

Among lesson common signs and symptoms are:

• Urinary tract infection

• Inability to urinate

• Blood in the urine

The size of your prostate doesn't necessarily determine the severity of your symptoms. Some men with only slightly enlarged prostates can have significant symptoms, while men with much enlarged prostates may have only minor urinary symptoms.

Risk factors for prostate gland enlargement include:

• Ageing. Prostate gland enlargement rarely causes signs and symptoms in men younger than age 40. About one-third of men experience moderate to severe symptoms by age 60, and about half do so by age 80.

• Family history. Having a blood relative, such as a father or a brother, with prostate problems means you're more likely to have problems.

• Diabetes and heart disease. Studies show that diabetes, as well as heart disease and use of beta blockers, might increase the risk of BPH.

• Lifestyle. Obesity increases the risk of BPH, while exercise can lower your risk

Diagnoses can be done by the following:

Physical examination done by a doctor

Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test.

Ultrasound scan.

Homeopathy can be a very effective in the treatment of enlarged prostrate. It not only helps reduce the symptoms like frequency of urination and straining effort but also helps reduce the size of the enlarged prostrate

Constitutional approach works best in these cases and I recommend that you see a qualified, experienced and licensed Homeopath.