Shirley before and, right, after her weightloss Image Credit: Supplied

Not all life or health coaches have walked the talk. In that respect, Shirley D’Souza, more popularly known by her Instagram handle KetoCoachDXB, is different. Six years ago, she was struggling with several health issues not to mention severe weight problems. ‘I was experiencing severe stress in my personal life and was gaining weight. I tried fad diets, pills and over-exerted myself in the gym. I was unhappy because despite five surgeries, my health issues were still not under control nor did I have a grip on my excess weight problem.’

It was then that she came across the Keto diet. Following it, she says, changed her life. ‘I lost over 35 kilos and reversed my insulin and cholesterol issues. My severe dysmenorrhea problem too was better,’ says the Dubai-based registered, certified and licensed Keto coach. ‘Over the years, Keto has given me control over my emotional dependence on food and boosted my self-confidence.’ Today, Shirley helps her clients lose excess weight through personalised keto programs. ‘We also help them manage chronic fatigue, diabetes, PCOS and fertility related issues,’ she says.

Excerpts from an interview:

Tell us how you work with a patient from the time he/she signs up for a consultation.

Each person is different. First we explore their body chemistry, see if Keto or Primal or other forms of lifestyle would suit them. I mentor and guide them daily, either through one-on-one coaching sessions or through exclusive focus groups. Each person has their own food plan within their lifestyle parameters personalised to their ancestors, family history and health conditions. We work on bio hacking each individual based on their system requirements.

Tell us some of your major success stories with clients.

I am honoured to have helped women who were suffering from fertility, PCOS and hormonal issues. Three of them conceived twins! I also helped people with insulin resistance and cholesterol issues, and those who had severe weight problems. It is a delight to see clients blossom as they lose excess weight, and overcome their health issues.

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