Anjali Khushalani Image Credit: Supplied

In a remarkable transition that embodies the pursuit of creativity, renowned designer Anjali Khushalani has embarked on a captivating journey as an event curator while embracing the joys of motherhood. Having made waves as a distinguished designer in the industry, Anjali has demonstrated an unrivalled eye for aesthetics and an ability to create unforgettable experiences.

Now, in an exciting career shift, she is blending her creative genius with her exceptional organizational skills to curate extraordinary events that transcend expectations.

As an event curator, Anjali draws inspiration from her experiences in the design realm, infusing each occasion with unique elements that captivate and engage attendees. Her impeccable attention to detail, innovative concepts, and ability to create immersive environments have already garnered high praise from early collaborators and event-goers.

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Beyond her professional pursuits, Anjali has also embraced the beautiful journey of motherhood, which has added depth and purpose to her creative endeavours. Balancing the responsibilities of curating events with her commitment to her family, she has identified a profound sense of fulfilment that fuels her creative spirit and drives her to exceed expectations.

As a mother herself, Anjali understands the challenges that come with balancing motherhood and personal aspirations. She recognizes that many mothers often put their own desires on hold to prioritize their families. However, she firmly believes that motherhood and personal growth are not mutually exclusive. Through her talent and inventive approach, she is inspiring mothers to redefine themselves, celebrate their journey, and express their inner beauty through fashion and creative experiences.

“Anjali Khushalani’s transition into event curation is a natural evolution of her talents and passion. Her ability to transform spaces and create extraordinary experiences is now extended to curating remarkable events”, said Rashmi Balani from R.B.Comms, a well known name in the PR industry. "Her commitment to both her career and family exemplifies her resilience, dedication, and unyielding pursuit of excellence."