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As is customary, Daiso Japan, the brand renown for its wide range of unique, affordable, and quality Japanese lifestyle products, has stocked its outlets with about 3,000 Halloween items.

Jack-o-lanterns? We can’t have enough of those! You’ll find those spooky little pumpkins everywhere around the store, from pumpkin-shaped buckets, accessories, and ornaments to light-up décor, decorative lights, and even Jack-o-lantern costumes and hats. What’s unique about Daiso Japan’s collection is that it is suitable for people of all ages. You will find different iconic Halloween character costumes for the little ones, such as vampires, ghosts, witches, skeletons, butterflies, and more!

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You will also find spooky but cute Halloween decorations for spreading the eerie autumn vibes throughout your home. There’s also a wide range of party supplies available for those family get-togethers, including themed banners, paper plates, cookie cuts, mugs, cups, and much more.

Image Credit: Supplied
Image Credit: Supplied

For those looking for something gorier, Daiso Japan has a range of scary masks, costumes, accessories, hanging ghouls, skeletons, and many more terrifying items that will help you to turn your home or office into a scene from a horror movie. And for the pet owners? Daiso Japan has not forgotten your little furry friends; they also have their own scarily cute little props available at the stores.

The best news is the range starts from only AED 7.50, making it one of the most affordable Halloween collections in the UAE, and with over 45 stores around the UAE, everyone is guaranteed to find a store nearby. So, with Halloween being a few days away, it’s time to grab the scary stuff!

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