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There’s so much happening the world of wedding industry. Can you shed some light on how one can use technology to make a wedding day even more special?

There is a lot available out there in terms of innovative technology that can be made part of weddings to enhance the clients’ and their guests’ experience. Technology can be used in the early stages of the wedding planning itself in the form of wedding websites or wedding apps that can have all information pertaining to the wedding celebration such as dates, venue, climate, destination information and a lot more. There are many such sources available online where one can build their own wedding app and website in a few simple steps.

On the next level, technology can be used to better manage guest attendance confirmations through an RSVP management system where one can accurately record the response received from each of the guests. This information can be tracked and retrieved all the way till the end with the hit of a button.

On the event day, technology can be used for special effects, visuals, sound enhancements, mood settings and lightings to formulate and come together to create the most magical themed décor including multi-sensory experience for the guests.

Photo-video teams these days have begun investing heavily in cutting edge technology so they can offer the best in services to their clients while capturing special moments. Lately, Virtual Reality has made its way into the wedding space where a wedding is shot in 360° in real time and can be revisited by family and friends through video to make them re-live the moments as a guest at their own wedding.

Finally, I see technology playing a major role in getting the wedding broadcasted in many forms across borders in the form of Live Streaming for those who may not have been able to attend the wedding and would still like to feel a part of it.

In the age of social media, technology is used to instantly share pictures and videos with friends and family using multiple social networking channels.