Prep 1 h
Cook 30m
2 to 3


    For the dumpling wrappers:

    50 gms potato starch

    50 gms of wheat starch

    80 ml water

    Shrimp dumpling: 

    10 gms shrimps

    80 gms lobster

    1/2 tsp Sichuan peppercorn oil (store bought)

    10 gms white asparagus

    Abalone dumpling:

    50 gms chicken thighs 

    10 gms shrimps

    50 gms mushroom

    2 abalones

    Mala sauce cod dumpling:

    15 gms shrimps

    10 gms cod

    10 gms squid

    10 gms onion

    10 gms ginger

    1/2 tsp Mala sauce (made with Sichuan peppercorn and chili, store bought)

    Saffron vegetable dumpling:

    50 gms cabbage

    50 melon 

    10 gms carrots

    5 gms bamboo shoots

    5 gms water chestnut

    Saffron to garnish

    Salt to taste

    1/2 tsp vegetarian oyster sauce

    1/2 tsp shiitake mushroom powder

    1/2 tsp sugar

    1/2 tsp white pepper

    1/2 tsp sesame oil


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Procedure for making dumpling wrappers:

1. Mix the potato starch and wheat starch thoroughly.

2. Slowly add boiling hot water, stirring constantly until the potato starch and wheat starch become transparent and form a dough.

3. Roll the wrapper dough out until translucent and cut using a circle cookie cutter.

Shrimp dumpling filling:

1. Devein the shrimps, remove the shell, add salt, sugar, scallion oil, vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon of ice water, put it in a blender, and mix until combined.

Abalone dumpling filling:

1. First, remove tendons and bones from the chicken thighs, cut them into small pieces and set aside.

2. Marinate the shrimps in oyster sauce. Next, add the chopped abalone to the chicken, scallops, fried ginger slices, and fried green onions. Then add the marinated shrimps into the mixture.

Mala sauce cod dumpling filling:

2. Remove the skin from the cod and cut into small cubes.

3. Mince the squid, shrimp, ginger, green onion, and add mala sauce. Mix thoroughly.

Saffron vegetable dumpling:

1. The saffron is soaked in hot water in advance to bloom. Use the saffron to garnish your dumplings once wrapped. 

2. Finely chop the melon, carrots, cabbage, bamboo shoots, and water chestnut.

3. Add all the cut vegetables in hot water and blanch for 30 seconds, scoop out and squeeze the water out.

4. Add salt, vegetarian oyster sauce, shiitake mushroom powder, sugar, white pepper, sesame oil, sauté until fragrant. Your filling is ready.

Making the dumplings:

1. Use a teaspoon of your filling and put it in the centre of the wrapper then fold over and seal. You can also use your fingers to form pleats.

2. Place the dumplings in a bamboo steamer, making sure each dumpling is not touching the other and cover with the lid. Bring 1 inch of water to a simmer in a pan that the steamer can hover over. Place the steamer on top and steam for 7 to 10 minutes.

Note: You can use any shape of your choice to form the dumplings. 

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