Prep 45 m
Cook 30m


    3 pieces flour tortilla 3 inches (store bought)
    80 gms Fish (mahi mahi, red snapper or sea bass)

    Fish batter
    200 ml soda water
    15 gms garlic powder
    pinch of oregano
    pinch of pepper
    50 gms cornstarch
    100 gms all-purpose flour
    4 gms salt

    Yucatan salad
    100 gms red cabbage
    100 gms white cabbage
    70 gms carrot slice
    15 gms habanero (optional)
    30 gms red radish
    50 gms red onion
    3 gms dry oregano
    3 lime
    1 orange
    3 gms salt

    Creamy salsa cruda 
    200 gms avocado
    40 gms coriander
    40 ml lime juice
    5 gms garlic
    30 gms white onion
    5 gms serrano chilli
    100 gms green tomatillo
    4 gms salt
    2 gms crushed black pepper
    150 ml water

    Caviar mayo cream
    200 gms mayonnaise
    80 gms cream
    30 gms salmon roe (optional)
    30 gms tobiko (optional)
    caviar (optional)
    30 gms masago
    10 ml lime juice
    4 gms salt

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Ingredient Substitution Guide


Fish batter

Use firm, fresh fish like mahi mahi, red snapper or sea bass.

Cut the fish fillet into batons and keep it aside.

In a mixing bowl, combine all-purpose flour, garlic powder, oregano, pepper, and a touch of salt. Then, pour in the soda water and thoroughly mix all the ingredients.

Toss the fish in the fish batter and deep fry for 2 to 5 minutes until it is crispy and gold. 

At the same time, warm the flour tortillas and put them on the plate. Keep aside.

Caviar mayo cream

In a bowl, add mayonnaise and cream and mix it thoroughly.

Add tobiko, salmon roe, and caviar. Give it a gentle stir and keep aside.

(You can use pickled chillies or cucumbers as a salmon roe or caviar substitute.)

Creamy salsa cruda

Using a blender, combine all ingredients together. Blend until you have a very smooth sauce. Put the sauce in a squeeze bottle and keep it in a chiller.

Yucatan salad

First, use a mandolin to create a chiffonade or thin slices of cabbage.

Then, use the same mandolin to slice thin carrots, onions, and radish pieces. Finally, cut the habanero into very thin strips.

Mix all the vegetables and season with oregano, salt and finish with the lime and orange juice. Mix well and check seasoning.


Place the fish on each tortilla and spread the caviar mayonnaise.

Add a dollop of avocado foam (creamy salsa cruda) and top it with Yucatan salad.

Finally, garnish it with caviar and salmon roe.

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