A guide to 10 different types of sugar

A guide to 10 different types of sugar

This definitive guide breaks down types of sugar, the dishes they suit and their flavour

Types of Sugar
Know your varieties of sugar Image Credit: Pexels

Thrown for a loop while browsing the sugar aisle at the supermarket? Read on to learn which sugar works best for a particular recipe or dish.

1. White sugar

White Sugar
White Sugar Image Credit: Shutterstock

Great for hot drinks or sugar syrups and recipes where the cooking time allows the sugar to be completely dissolved. Toss some over a crumble mixture get a crunchy topping.

2. Brown sugar

Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar Image Credit: Shutterstock

The mild toffee taste makes it the ultimate dessert sugar for use in recipes such as sticky date pudding.

3. Dark brown sugar

Dark Brown Sugar
Dark Brown Sugar Image Credit: Shutterstock

The high molasses content adds a bold toffee flavour plus extra moisture for recipes. Ideal for Christmas cakes and puddings.

4. Raw sugar

Raw Sugar
Raw Sugar Image Credit: Shutterstock

The subtle honey-like taste makes this a great option for sprinkling on top of cakes before baking.

5. Demerara sugar

Demerara Sugar
Demerara Sugar Image Credit: Shutterstock

Add a rich toffee flavour to dishes. Sprinkle over fruits before grilling or toss through a crumble topping. Also good for a hot cup of coffee.

6. Caster sugar

Caster Sugar
Caster Sugar Image Credit: Shutterstock

The fine sugar crystals dissolve quickly and evenly, perfect for baking. This also allows more air in mixtures, ideal for pavlovas and sponge cakes.

7. Dark muscovado sugar

Dark muscovado sugar
Dark muscovado sugar Image Credit: Shutterstock

Fine crystals with a dense texture, it’s great for dark and rich desserts such as chocolate cake, gingerbread or fruit cake. It tends to be soft and has a treacly flavour to it. Best for fruit cake.

8. Coconut sugar

Coconut sugar
Coconut sugar Image Credit: Shutterstock

An unrefined sugar extracted from coconut flowers that complements savoury Asian dishes and salad dressings. It tends to have a mild flavour.

9. Unrefined rapadura sugar (or cane sugar)

Unrefined rapadura sugar (or cane sugar)
Unrefined rapadura sugar (or cane sugar) Image Credit: Shutterstock

A delicate caramel flavour and golden colour. Can be used to replace palm sugar in Asian recipes. It is highly favoured in traditional sweet dishes from the Indian state of Bengal and also Bangladesh, as it gives a distinct hue and taste.

10. Pure icing sugar

Pure icing sugar
Pure icing sugar Image Credit: Shutterstock

Made from 100 per cent pure cane sugar that’s been finely ground, usually witha  bit of cornflour added. It’s your failsafe option for beautifully set royal icing. Mixes easily with butter for whipped icing, too.

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