Prep 15 m
Cook 15m


    1 tomato

    1 cucumber 

    1/2 charleston pepper (green pepper)

    1/2 red onion 

    40 gms walnut 

    5 gms parsley 

    10 ml olive oil 

    10 ml pomegranate syrup (2 tbsp fresh pomegranate)

    2 gms sumac (tangy Arabic spice with a sour, acidic flavour)


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Ingredient Substitution Guide


Gavurdagi salad in English means 'Gavur Mountain salad' (Gavurdağı Salatası). It received its name from the Gavur mountain located between Ceyhan river and Adana city, in Turkey.

1. Cut tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and parsley into small cubes and add them in a shallow salad bowl.

2. Then, chop peppers into small pieces and add it into the bowl.

3. Sprinkle sumac on the cut vegetables.

4. Drizzle pomegranate syrup and olive oil and mix them well. 

Tip: You can replace pomegranate syrup with fresh pomegranate seeds. You can grind the walnuts or break them into smaller pieces. 

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