500 gms lamb meat, cubed (boneless)

    15 gms ginger paste

    15 gms garlic paste

    20 gms green chilli paste

    250 gms tomatoes, sliced (not ripe)

    100 ml cooking oil

    5 gms coriander powder

    4 gms cumin

    4 gms of fennel seed powder (saunf)

    5 gms of black pepper

    3 cardamoms

    3 cloves

    3 cinnamon sticks, small

    35 gms spaghetti

    2 eggs, boiled and sliced

    100 gms green bell pepper, finely sliced

    Fried potato sticks or potato salli, to garnish

    Salt to taste

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1. In a vessel, heat oil and add the boneless meat. Add ginger paste, garlic paste, chilli paste, coriander powder, cumin, fennel seeds powder, black pepper, cardamoms, cloves and cinnamon sticks and sliced tomato. Let it cook on a medium flame until the meat tenderises. Note: Add very limited salt at this stage.

2. Next, pour a little water and let the mixture cook further with a covered lid to enhance the flavour of the meat. Cook until the water has evaporated a little or until it looks semi-dry.

3. Break the spaghetti into small pieces and place it over the meat. Cover the vessel for 30 minutes approximately. Note: The meat must be 90 per cent cooked at this stage.

4. Do not mix the meat with the spaghetti on top, as it will get burnt.

5. Once the meat is cooked, reduce the flame to a low and let the water evaporate completely. Add sliced green pepper on top and mix well.

6. The dish is ready. Garnish with sliced boiled egg and potato salli. Serve as is or with rumali roti [link].


• Add salt to minimum in early stages and balance it out in the end.

• You can also transform this dish to a cheesy version by making white sauce, which is made with flour or maida, butter, milk and cheese. You can add it over the eggs.

• Instead of boiled eggs, you can whisk the eggs and add it over the meat. Pour hot oil over the eggs and make sure the egg is well-cooked before serving.

Recipe courtesy: Delhi Darbar Restaurant, Dubai

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