100gm button mushrooms

    1 large white onion

    4-5 cups vegetable stock (made with 2 sliced carrots, 1 sliced leek, 1 sliced large onion, 2 cloves garlic and some mushroom trimmings; recipe below)

    50gm butter, cold

    300gm Carnaroli risotto rice

    3 tbsp white vinegar

    2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

    3 tbsp chopped onion

    100gm Shimeji mushrooms

    100gm shredded Parmesan

    1 pinch salt

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1. Slice the mushrooms and dice 1 large onion.

2. To make the vegetable stock, boil the carrots, leek, large onion and garlic cloves with some mushroom trimmings and a pinch of salt and pepper in 2 litres of water, then simmer for an hour.

3. In a wide pan, add 20gm butter and fry the chopped onion, adding some salt on medium heat until onions are golden and caramelised.

4. Add the rice to the pan and mix well. Add white vinegar and 1 cup stock. Stir rice until the stock is almost absorbed, then add another cup of stock. Stir constantly. Increase heat to high for 30 seconds, then simmer. Let cook until the liquid does not separate from the rice when a spoon is coated in the mixture. Switch off heat and rest for a few minutes.

5. To make the mushroom cream, add oil to a pan and sauté the 3 tbsp chopped onion with button mushrooms and salt to taste on high heat until any liquid evaporates. Add 1 cup of the vegetable stock and bring to a boil. Remove and blend the mixture until smooth.

6. Heat a pan and add some salt, sliced Shimeji mushrooms and 20gm butter. Stir until butter melts on high heat – about 1 minute. Add the mushrooms to the cooked rice.

7. Add the mushroom cream to the rice.

6. Add the remaining butter with parmesan and stir until butter and cheese have melted and mixed well with the rice.

7. Serve hot and enjoy!

Photo courtesy: Anas Thacharpadikkal/GN

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