Prep 30 m
Cook 04h
4 (20 pieces)


    1 kg defrosted beef tongue

    2 tbsp of dried oregano

    1 large onion (200 to 250 gms)

    1 garlic head


    20 fresh tortillas (flour or corn, can be store brought)

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1. Rinse the tongue with room temperature water.

2. Slice the onion by half.

3. Place the tongue in the pot and add water until it is completely covered.

4. Add the oregano, garlic, onion, and salt (the amount you use for a regular broth).

Cooking Mexican beef tongue tacos
Cooking Mexican beef tongue tacos Image Credit: Seyyed Llata/Gulf News

5. Turn the flame high, and let the beef cook for 4 hours, or until it is very tender.

6. Then, turn off the flame. Place the tongue on a large plate and remove the skin, it will easily detach when it is properly cooked.

Note:  Tortillas can be a bit difficult to get in the region, but there are several Mexican restaurants that sell freshly made ones. Warm up the tortillas on a flat pan or for a few seconds in the microwave, 30 seconds at high power, then flip them over and warm for 30 seconds more.

Put meat inside each tortilla and enjoy.

Mexican street food tip:

Finely chop one large onion (250 grams), chop 100 grams of fresh coriander and mix together, (you can add your favourite fresh chilies), mix and add it inside your taco.

Squeeze some fresh lime juice inside the taco for a real Mexican street food flavour.

Note: This article was first published in August 2021.

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