I bunch garlic chives (buchu)

    100 g flour

    50 ml water

    1 egg

    ½ tsp salt


    2 tsp apple vinegar

    1 tsp chili powder

    1 tbsp soy sauce

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Watch how to make easy Korean garlic chive pancake Anas Thacharpadikkal/Gulf News

1. Clean the garlic chives and cut into around 5 cm pieces while holding in a bunch, so that you have rows of same-sized chives.

2. Mix the flour, water, salt and eggs to make the batter.

3. Whisk well until batter is smooth.

4. Place a frying pan on medium heat.

5. Dip the chives in the mixed batter and place on the pan in a thin layer until it is fully covered.

6. Pour more batter over the chives, covering them, and wait for 2 minutes until the colour of the pancake’s edges turn crisp.

7. Flip the pancake, add a little more cooking oil and fry until both sides are fried to a crispy golden.

For sauce

1. Mix the apple vinegar, chili powder and soy sauce for your spicy dipping sauce in a small bowl.

2. Place the sizzling golden pancake on a plate, and dip in the sauce for a savoury, festive mouthful.