1,625gm Wagyu fat
    875gm Wagyu meat
    25gm salt
    5gm black pepper
    5gm sodium bicarbonate

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Ingredient Substitution Guide


1. Take a lean cut of wagyu beef; pick some of the fattier cuts like rump, chuck, brisket or striploin. Separate the meat from the fat as cleanly as you can. Use the meat mincer to mince all of the meat and fat, ideally on a fine plate of the mincer.

2. When minced, mix it together and add salt and pepper and sodium bicarbonate, then let it rest for several hours, ideally overnight. Once rested, mix the meat again and you are ready to make some delicious cevapi. To make the shape, simply use a piping bag. Grill your cevapi on fire grill until medium or well done to your taste, and serve them with chopped onions.

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