Prep 30 m
Cook 40m
1 to 2


    For the Tikka Sauce

    50 gms red onion, sliced 

    75 gms, fresh ripe tomatoes 

    10 gms cashew nuts 

    5 cardamoms

    3 gms coriander powder 

    3 gms ginger 

    5 gms garlic 

    1 gm chilli powder 

    5 ml olive oil 

    3 gms sea salt 

    15 ml fresh lemon juice 

    For Chicken Tikka

    200 gms chicken breast cut into cubes 

    3 gms ginger 

    5 gms garlic 

    30 gms low-fat yoghurt 

    5 ml fresh lemon juice 

    2 gms turmeric powder 

    1 gm chilli powder 

    3 gms fresh coriander 

    For Saffron Rice 

    75 gms rice, long grain (washed and soaked in cold water for 30 minutes)

    15 gms onions, chopped 

    5 gms fresh garlic, chopped 

    2 gms turmeric 

    1 gm saffron 

    5 ml fresh lemon juice 

    5 ml olive oil 

    5 gms fresh coriander chopped 

    50 ml water


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To make Tikka Sauce

1. Heat the olive oil in the sauté pan, add the cardamom and sliced red onion, sauté well until the colour turns golden brown.

2. Smash the ginger and garlic and add them to the sautéed mix, cook the mix over medium heat for a few minutes.

3. Add coriander powder and chili powder to the sauté and stir the mix for one minute.

4. Add freshly chopped tomato and cook for a further seven minutes.

5. Grind the cashew paste, then add it to the mix and stir well for a few minutes.

6. Add salt, pepper, and fresh lemon juice to taste.

7. Cook the sauce until all the vegetables are soft.

8. Blend the sauce and strain it to get an even texture.

To make Chicken Tikka

1. Mix all the ingredients listed, marinate the chicken with it, and keep in the chiller for three hours.

2. Grill the marinated chicken, till juices run clear when tested with a fork.

3. In a cooking pot mix the tikka sauce with the chicken tikka on low heat and cook for 15 minutes, without stirring too much.

4. Finish with chopped fresh coriander leaves.

To make Saffron Rice

1. Heat the pan, add the olive oil, onions, and garlic, and sauté until it’s golden brown.

2. Add saffron and turmeric powder to the mix.

3. Place the mix in a cooking pot and add the water, lemon juice, and rice on high heat.

4. When the water starts to boil, strain it, add the seasoning and the fresh coriander.

5. Cook the rice over slow heat until the remaining water is reduced in the pot.

6. Take the rice off the heat, cover it tightly, and keep it for 20 minutes to settle.

7. Open the cover, the rice is ready to be served.

Recipe courtesy: Krave Restaurant, Dubai

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