Why you now can enjoy your favourite feel good meal with less guilt

McDonald’s UAE has recently taken yet another step in enabling consumers to make better food choices. By enhancing its menu with healthier ingredients, you can now enjoy your favourite feel good meals with less guilt.

McDonald’s UAE announced the launch of its new and improved nutrition calculator, allowing you to modify and tailor the elements of your meal to find out its accurate nutritional breakdowns. This reflects a commitment to continually improve the nutritional content of its meals and allowing its customers to make smart food choices.


If you fancy a side of fries with your halal sandwich, your crispy accompaniment is now cooked in a canola and sunflower oil, which slashes saturated fat by an impressive 80 per cent.

What’s more, if you’re partial to dipping your fries into mayonnaise, McDonald’s UAE has reduced the fat content in its Classic Mayonnaise. After extensive research and product testing, the new recipe now contains 50 per cent less calories, yet does not compromise on the delicious taste that customers love.

The science

Canola oil is viewed as healthy as it is very low in saturated fat as well as containing high amounts of monounsaturated, healthy fats. Canola also contains phytosterols, which have been proven to lower the body’s absorption of cholesterol. In fact, some studies claim that canola can even aid weight loss.