EXPO Emirates Airlines
Image Credit: Twitter/Emirates Airlines

Dubai: Emirates has done it again: The Dubai-based airline has made a sequel to its daring advertisement showing an Emirates flight attendant standing on top of the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa. And this time the call is for the world to visit Expo 2020 Dubai and be part of the magic of the world’s greatest show. The one-minute video shared on Twitter by Emirates on Friday shows American skydiver and stuntwoman Nicole Smith-Ludvik – the same woman who did the first video – dressed in Emirates’ flight attendants’ uniform.

It was a novel idea and blockbuster advertisement back in August last year and Emirates has upped the ante this time with an added feature: An A380 fly by while Ludvik was holding the placards: that read: “I’m still here!” “Wow! I can see Dubai Expo”

After Ludvik shows the third placard that reads: “Finally, here come my friends” – the super jumbo Emirates aircraft zooms in, coming from Palm Jumeirah, passing the iconic Burj Al Arab, and flies behind Ludvik who is standing at 830 metre above ground, on top of Burj Khalifa

Yes, it might just be an optical illusion that Emirates looks extremely close but the message is very clear as Ludvik turns two more placards that read: “Fly the iconic Emirates A380” “To the world’s greatest show”

World’s greatest show

Visitors only have until March to experience the world’s greatest show and be part of its magic, reads the livery on the Emirates A380 as Ludvik waves goodbye and the aircraft reaches its destination: the iconic Al Wasl Dome at Expo Dubai.

Big shout out to Emirates

Back in August, Ludvik posted on her Instagram of the first Emirates ad: “This is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing and exciting stunts I’ve ever done. A big shout out to Emirates Airlines for your creative marketing idea! It was a pleasure being a part of the team

Emirates, meanwhile, posted the video on August 5 with the comment: “Reconnect with your loved ones or take a fabulous vacation.”

Sir Tim Clark, President Emirates Airline, said: “We always look to challenge the norm and push boundaries at Emirates. We do it every day through our innovative services, our best in class product and of course through our advertising. The calm and confidence of the cabin crew you see in the ad is an embodiment of our frontline team, serving travellers and ensuring their safety. We’re proud to be among a privileged few who have been allowed to film at the top of the Burj Khalifa by Emaar; and even prouder that we get to showcase our beautiful city, Dubai.