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Sand scraper machines are decorating Dubai beaches with the Expo 2020 Dubai logo Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Beachgoers can now soak up the excitement of the build-up to Expo 2020 Dubai on the emirate’s beaches. As Dubai is gearing up to welcome the world to watch Expo 2020 Dubai, the emirate’s shores are getting decked out with impressions of the event’s logo on the sand.

Dubai Municipality on Monday released a video showing how its project to make Dubai beaches “artistic” has been given the “Expo twist.”

The sand scraper machine, which is used to clean up the beach and draw images of Dubai’s landmarks and messages of awareness campaigns run by the civic body, now has a new purpose. The machine is now used to decorate the shores with the name and logo of Expo 2020 Dubai, dubbed to be the largest global event to support innovation and develop creative solutions.

Organisations are joining efforts to succeed in this global event, held for the first time in the Middle East, Dubai Municipality said in a Twitter post.

It said Dubai is preparing its landmarks, institutions and faculties and decorating its shores to host the biggest event, the first Expo in the region which will be a global engine that drives and supports innovation.

“Dubai Municipality is planning this event through exceptional programmes to welcome visitors from all over the world,” the civic body said.

In 2016, the civic body’s Waste Management Department started using the sand scraper machine for decorating stretches of the beaches by making impressions of landmark buildings and awareness campaign slogans.