Actor Morgan Freeman. Image Credit: AP

Hollywood star Morgan Freeman has lent his voice to narrating the incredible journey of Expo 2020, a world fair that thrived despite a global pandemic and was a roaring success.

The seven-minute video showcases the highlights of Expo 2020 filled with celebrity visits and riveting pavilions. Freeman takes us through their journey of putting the global showcase in Dubai all together.

“How do you build the impossible? ... A city for humanity. A city for which there are no blueprints. A city to welcome the world” asks Freeman in the beginning of the video.

The video then cuts to Paris 2013, when Dubai won the bid to host Expo 2020. But then the pandemic hit.

“With an uncertain future, and a host of new challenges, the greatest hope we have is each other,” he added.

The video also features enthusiastic responses from Expo 2020 visitors and about how the pavilions were a big hit.

“We found a moment of global solidarity ... The greatest hope we have is each other ... Expo 2020 city will live on,” he concluded.

The video ends on an optimistic note about meeting each other once again.

Expo 2020 Dubai saw more than 20 million visitors and was one of the biggest showcases that UAE has ever witnessed.

More than 190 countries showcased their cultures and innovations inside striking pavilions.