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Dubai: As the World's Greatest Show culminates after six months, visitors thronged to the Expo 2020 Dubai site on Thursday for one last chance to enjoy over 190 pavilions and special closing shows on the day. The show, which started on October 1, has had over 20 million visits and counting.

For the closing day, there are several special shows planned across the site including fireworks, music concerts, kids's shows and much more. The Dubai Metro will run for 24 hours for the occasion. Expo organisers have invited everyone to enjoy the closing spectacle and have encouraged the use of public transport systems in place for the best experience.

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On Thursday, we spoke to several visitors at Expo 2020 Dubai, who recounted their experiences so far. 

‘I experienced the best of Dubai at Expo’

- Aaron Abraham, Grade 11 student

Dubai won the bid to host Expo 2020 when I was in Grade 3. Although I did not understand much about the Expo then, I knew it was a big event and that the city needed to work hard to make it a success. Over the years I read about other expos and the possibilities that lay ahead not just for this country, but also for all the people here.

Since October 2021, I visited the Expo numerous times – with my parents, my friends and from school with my classmates. I have used the car, the metro and the Expo Rider bus to get there. And for the past two weeks, I have played the guide to my aunt who has come to Dubai to see this amazing event.

Recently I stood in line for three hours to enter a pavilion and came out marvelling at the ability of the human mind to imagine the future. It was worth every minute of standing in line.

Aaron Abraham
Aaron Abraham with his mother at Expo 2020 Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

When I first visited the Expo last year, I was amazed at the sheer size of the place – from the car parks to the pavilions. There was plenty of room for everyone. But on my last visit there were so many people that I had to stand in line outside some of the pavilions I had yet to see.

I spent the first few visits just taking in the grandeur of the pavilions without spending too much time in them.

Once I got familiar with the layout, I became more confident and even helped my parents find their way around a couple of times. Every visit encouraged me to go back and explore a little more. There was so much to see and at one point I felt I would run out of time. After all, there was so much to learn about Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity.

But I learnt to manage my time at the pavilions, absorbing every day from what the countries had to offer. If it was a lesson in history one day, on another it would be about an environmentally friendly product or a clean energy solution.

Getting lost was not even a remote possibility with the scores of volunteers who were always at hand to help. Organising an event like this is not easy. But the fact that it ran so smoothly shows the professionalism of those in charge. The hard work has paid off.

I experienced the best of Dubai at the Expo – the unmatched hospitality, the foresight to envision the future and the ability to conduct an event even in difficult circumstances like COVID-19. I am glad I had the opportunity to take part in this mega-event where we played host to millions from around the world.

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Visitors throng Expo 2020 Dubai

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